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The CSTA Voice

The CSTA Voice is a bi-monthly publication for members of the Computer Science Teachers Association. It provides analysis and commentary on issues relating to K-12 computer science education issues, resources for educators, and information for members. The newsletter supports CSTA's mission to promote the teaching of computer science and other computing disciplines.

Criteria for submitting articles:
Potential writers for CSTA should send a brief description of the proposed article, estimated word count, statement of value to members, author's name & brief bio/background info, and suggested title to the editor at cstapubs@csta.acm.org. The final length, due date and title will be negotiated for chosen articles.

Welcome to the CSTA Voice                      

Volume 1 issue 1       Inaugural Issue
Volume 1 issue 2       Addressing Equity
Volume 1 issue 3       Critical Issues in CS Education
Volume 1 issue 4       CS Curriculum
Volume 2 issue 1       International CS Education
Volume 2 issue 2       Cool Teacher Resources
Volume 2 issue 3       Promoting Computer Science
Volume 2 issue 4       Computer Science Careers
Volume 3 issue 1       Innovative Teaching
Volume 3 issue 2       CS for Everyone
Volume 3 issue 3       Your CSTA Membership
Volume 3 issue 4       Technology in the CS Classroom
Volume 4 issue 1       Professional Development
Volume 4 issue 2       Diversity
Volume 4 issue 3       Strategies That Work
Volume 4 issue 4       Meeting Students' Needs
Volume 5 issue 1       Mentoring
Volume 5 issue 2       Building a CS Program
Volume 5 issue 3       Careers in CS
Volume 5 issue 4       Building Community
Volume 5 issue 5       Keeping CS Relevant
Volume 5 issue 6       10,000 Teachers
Volume 6 issue 1       International CS Education
Volume 6 issue 2       Classroom Strategies
Volume 6 issue 3       Promoting CS
Volume 6 issue 4       Your CSTA Membership
Volume 6 issue 5       CS Education
Volume 6 issue 6       Professional Growth
Volume 7 issue 1       Classroom Tools
Volume 7 issue 2       Computational Thinking
Volume 7 issue 3       New in CS and CT
Volume 7 issue 4       Back to School
Volume 7 issue 5       CSEdWeek
Volume 7 issue 6       Computing Careers
Volume 8 issue 1       K-8 CS Education
Volume 8 issue 2       Professional Development
Volume 8 issue 3       International CS Education
Volume 8 issue 4       Back to School
Volume 8 issue 5       CSEd Week
Volume 8 issue 6       Equity
Volume 9 issue 1       Best Practices
Volume 9 issue 2       Professional Development
Volume 9 issue 3       Gearing Up for Fall
Volume 9 issue 4       Advocacy
Volume 9 issue 5       CSTA Chapters
Volume 9 issue 6       Collaborating for Success
Volume 10 issue 1      Classroom Tools
Volume 10 issue 2      Data in the CS Classroom
Volume 10 issue 3      CSTA 10th Anniversary
Volume 10 issue 4      Classroom Tools
Volume 10 issue 5      Advocating for CS
Volume 10 issue 6      International CSTA
Volume 11 issue 1      Professional Development
Volume 11 issue 2      Advanced Placement CS
Volume 11 issue 3      CSTA News
Volume 11 issue 4      Back to School
Volume 11 issue 5      Advocating for CS
Volume 11 issue 6      Diversity
Volume 12 issue 1      Computational Thinking
Volume 12 issue 2      Professional Development


CSTA works at many levels to support computing education.

Elementary and Middle school
(problem solving &
computational thinking)

High school
(computing &
computer science)

(enrollment &

(engagement &