Membership Information

Individual Membership
The scope of the organization's membership includes: middle school teachers, high school computing teachers, college/university computer science faculty and education faculty, and members from industry interesting in supporting computer science education and teachers.

Institutional Membership
Institutional Membership is open to any organization that supports education in computing and the goals and vision of the Computer Science Teachers Association. Institutional membership reflects participation by an organization (such as a university department or company) rather than by an individual. All university and college departments who are current CSTA Institutional members are invited to be listed as Sponsoring Schools. Institutional Members are required to specify a membership contact and a faculty contact.

Membership Dues
Individual membership is FREE.
The following Institutional membership fees apply:

1 year
2 years


CSTA works at many levels to support computing education.

Elementary and Middle school
(problem solving &
computational thinking)

High school
(computing &
computer science)

(enrollment &

(engagement &