National Computer Science Principles Education Summit

On July 16, 2014, CSTA and Google convened the National Computer Science Principles Education Summit. The event was intended to enable educators and administrators to learn the latest information on the Computer Science Principles course (which will be rolled out to schools as a new Advanced Placement course in the 2016-17 school year), and to strategize about getting this course implemented in schools across the country. More than 60 educators attended the onsite meeting held in St. Charles, IL, in conjunction with the CSTA 2014 annual conference and many more participated virtually via livestreaming and facilitated chats.

The Summit sessions included feature presentations, flash talks, and working groups. All of these have been captured and are now available to provide teachers and administrators with a context and strategies for implementing CS Principles in their high schools.

Click here for the agenda.

Click here to watch the videotaped sessions.

This event was generously sponsored by Google.


CSTA works at many levels to support computing education.

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High school
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