CSTA Source Web Repository:
K-12 Computer Science
Teaching and Learning Materials

To promote the sharing of resources among members of the community, CSTA has developed a searchable database of instructional materials, lesson plans, and other resources that have never before been collected in one place for use by all CS teachers.

Accessing the Repository

Anyone may browse or download from the repository. The search categories for the repository are curriculum classification, keyword, title, author, or publication date.

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Contributing Your Own Original Materials to the Repository

1.      Decide which resources you want to contribute. 

We're seeking original items for which you have the copyright.  You will retain the copyright on your materials, while giving CSTA and DSpace the rights to allow distribution to other members.  (Note: many teachers use resources from a particular Web site in their teaching.  In such a case, an appropriate submission would include the URL but also a lesson plan or a detailed description of how you use the resource in your course.)


2.      Prepare your items for submission. 

To submit a resource for inclusion in the Source web repository,  simply click on the link below to access the Submission Form. This form will ask you to provide basic information about the resource you are submitting, how it can be used, and other details that  will help our volunteers classify it appropriately.


As soon as we have received your completed Submission Form, we will send you an email confirming we have received it. Please keep in mind that all submissions are reviewed by a volunteer committee to ensure that they are relevant and pedagogically and technically sound before we include them in the repository.


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